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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Summer as I see it….

Hi and welcome to my world as I see it literally Through the Lens of my camera.

I'm just a beginner really as far as the technical side of a camera goes and am excitedly waiting to join our local camera club. At the moment the AUTO button suits me just fine! But why not learn more about taking a good if not outstanding photo? Why not indeed. So this is what I will endeavour to do. This blog will be sharing my journey with my new camera, my sucesses and failures and snippets of what I learn…. and how I see the world through the lens of my camera.

 Summer as I see it….


Rememberance at Wisley

Water lily

A field of pink Scabious

Harbour sunset

Have fun with your camera this week!

Lynda X

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  1. Beautiful photos! I always find myself attracted to fields of red poppies. You might try looking into "app happy Wednesday" and Friday Finds, posted on titled dates, to find some more inspiration.. Love this idea and looking forward to seeing more photos.