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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

M for manual and Garden wildlife

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Well… Another week has gone by and at camera club on Monday night we have been told to switch the camera setting to MANUAL. Yep… no longer in the comfort zone of AUTO or PROGRAM! Now we have to start working things out for ourselves! Apertures, Depth of field and ISOs… I'm totally confused but hey, as we were told, it costs nothing to have a play about and take some photos does it. Luckily I know how to DELETE!

Well… this week I have been chasing the wildlife around the garden and managed to get some OK pictures of the resident spiders. If you hate spiders look away now!…

OK, OK I know the background needs to be more blurred but I tried! She is particularly
gruesome. At club they suggested I spray the web with water before I took the shot! If she moved I'd scream being so close an all!  This photo is called "waiting for lunch!"

I have also been on the case of the Bees. They really like the sedums which are just coming into flower now..

I haven't quite mastered the Macro setting yet! Still I had fun and that's what it's all about right!

Have fun with your camera this week.

Lynda X

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